The ISDDE Prize
for Excellence in Educational Design

Criteria and Guidelines

The ISDDE Prize of $5,000 is offered for a substantial body of work, by an individual or a team, over a period of years that shows excellence in design for education in science or mathematics.

In awarding The Prize the judges will seek excellence in the art and science of design in education.  The overriding criterion will be recognition of excellence by a wide range of designers and users.


The judgement will be informed by evidence, formal or informal, of:

  • Aspects of design that have moved the field of educational design forward
  • Aspects of design that have moved the field of mathematics and/or science education forward
  • Achievement of specific goals for improved outcomes
  • Use of research and the value of resulting insights
  • Systematic development through trials with people representative of well-identified target groups of users
  • Valuable unanticipated outcomes related to transformative effects in use
  • Surprise and delight – as in all good art

Initial Nominations

Nominations are solicited from Fellows, Members, and friends of ISDDE. Do not nominate a designer that belongs to the institution from which you receive compensation. Your initial nomination should describe the range of work and describe what it has achieved. In a separate paragraph, explain why you admire it. This should be no more than two pages in length.

Final Nominations

For the final contenders for the Prize, the nominator will be invited to prepare a more detailed case (It is expected that the designer(s) will contribute to the preparation of this case) including:

  • a case for the excellence of the work
  • a portfolio of examples from the work
  • supporting letters from users and others

As with good design, concise cases will normally have more impact.

The prize is open to designers of all nationalities and materials in any language, but nominations, cases and supporting letters should be presented in English. The identities and contact details of nominators and referees will be treated with professional discretion, but will be circulated amongst the judging panel.

Enquiries and/or nominations should be sent to the Geoff Wake, panel chair: