2021 ISDDE Virtual Conference


The first online international day conference for ISDDE will be held on Wednesday March 24th, 2021. This conference will:
  • be hosted in three phases across 24 hours with contributions from Far East, Europe/Africa and Americas time zones;
  • include the presentation of the prestigious ISDDE Prize for excellence in design for education in mathematics, science or technology for 2020;
  • include plenaries, interviews, panels and discussions;
  • and focus on design in mathematics and science of curricula, resources, assessment, professional learning, teaching and learning with technology.


Phases, times and themes:

Far Eastern time zone 14:30 – 18:30 AEDT
Theme: Understanding the user

The Eastern Zone of the conference has the theme of designing with the user in mind. Two plenary presentations will address what it means to design education materials with the teacher in mind and with then with the student in mind. A collection of shorter design stories will showcase examples of excellence in designing for specific needs of users, with contributions from across multiple countries. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about ISDDE and also hear from our ISDDE prize winner, Joseph Krajcik of Michigan State University.

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Europe / Africa time zone: 11:30 – 15:00 GMT
Theme: Designing for this day and age

This three hour contribution will include opportunities to meet with our ISDDE prize winner, Joseph Krajcik, of Michigan State University, and an opportunity to hear more about ISDDE. Three hour-long sessions will involve plenaries, interviews and a panel each of which will address our rapidly changing educational world and how we can design to meet the new challenges we face in educating a world in mathematics and science where understanding of these important disciplines matters more than ever.  Participants will have opportunities to discuss with contributors and each other.

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Americas time zone: 11:30 – 15:00 EDT
Theme: Designing for equity

Our Americas zone is focused on equity in educational design. It launches with an exciting brief presentation by the ISDDE prize winner, science curriculum and assessment designer extraordinaire, Joseph Krajcik of Michigan State University. Robert Berry from the University of Virginia will give a powerful plenary address on challenges to designers seeking racial equity and social justice in mathematics education. A panel of 5 educational designers from the field will each give short inspiring presentations of how they have been designing for different aspects of equity. Finally, conference participants will collaborate in small groups on possible solutions to design challenges posed by the panel. Each session involves opportunities to meet online with other conference participants to discuss how these themes related to their own work in educational design.

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