Privacy Policy- How ISDDE uses Fellows’ and Members’ data

This document sets out how ISDDE uses data it holds about Fellows, Members and others who have registered an interest in the Society. ISDDE will only use your details for the purpose of running the Society in accordance with our constitution, primarily by keeping you informed of news, conferences, elections and other relevant information. As a largely unfunded, international society, however, we rely on various free or low-cost online services to communicate with members and run elections. These cases are described below. Apart from these exceptions, ISDDE will not share your data with any other third parties.

  1. While you remain a Fellow or Member of the Society, we will keep a record of your name, an email contact and (where provided) your current professional affiliation or role. The complete list is only accessible to members of the ISDDE Executive committee, and reasonable security precautions will be taken when sharing data amongst committee members. You may ask at any time to give up your Fellowship or Membership and be removed from this list.
  2. Your email address will be added to a mailing list operated by MailerLite, which is our main channel of communication with our membership. It will be used to send out news and announcements about the society and its interests and, around three times a year, the ISDDE Newsletter. See for their privacy policy – which includes “we will never share, sell or rent your customer data to anyone for any reason”. You may ask to be removed from this list, in which case it will be up to you to check our website for news and announcements. All automated communications include an “unsubscribe” link. Note: currently, we are using Google Groups for some lists – these will be removed and superseded by the new MailerLite lists in June 2018.
  3. (Fellows only) When ISDDE Executive elections occur, your email address will be used to register you as a voter on the Opavote service (Opavote will only use your email to send you a voting form, and will not retain your address after the election is complete. Opavote’s privacy policy is available at If you withdraw consent for this, you will not be able to vote in future ISDDE elections.
  4. (Fellows only) The list of Fellows’ names and affiliations is published on the ISDDE website, Fellows have already been given an option to opt-out of this. From June 2018, only the names of Fellows who have responded affirmatively to the latest “opt-in” request will be included, and we will no longer include any email addresses.
  5. Please note that registration and payment for each ISDDE Annual Conference is managed by the hosting institution – usually a University or similar educational institution. Conferences will be announced via the ISDDE Mailing List and website, but for registration you will be directed to the host’s website. Any information you provide during registration will be subject to the host’s own terms and conditions.

We may need to substitute alternative services for these in the future – we will keep Fellows informed of such changes will only use services with an appropriate privacy policy that protects your details.

We feel that these are “legitimate interest” functions necessary for the operation of the Society: all Fellows and members consented to join the Society and have been kept informed about our use of data. The data we hold is minimal and low-risk – usually publically available elsewhere – and we do not share it outside of the Society. Requiring all existing Fellows to explicitly opt-in to these services would unnecessarily exclude those who failed to respond from further participation. Looking forward, we will (a) publish this privacy policy on our website and (b) poll Fellows and Members every 2 years to give them an opportunity to update the details we hold and review their opt in/out choices.

Checking your information/changing your options

Contact either the Secretary or Chair of ISDDE if you wish to:
Check or update what information we hold about you.
Change your response to any of the options above.
Remove your name from the automatic mailing list.
Or, withdraw from the society (we will delete all our records of you)
You can contact the Secretary at – or check the website for the current names and email addresses of the ISDDE Executive.

Please note that although you can always unsubscribe yourself from the mailing lists using the links provided, this will only stop automated emails – contact us if you want us to amend or delete your entry in our members list.


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