ISDDE Conference 2007

Principles of design

September 18-20 2007, Berkeley, California
Organised by the Lawrence Hall of Science
Conference chair: Elizabeth Stage

The focus of the meeting was to advance the goals of ISDDE by drafting some common principles of design

Working Groups  As usual in these conferences, much of the time was spent in working groups, each focussed on a specific area of design, namely:

  • Assessment
  • Print materials for teaching
  • Learning communities
  • Virtual environments

The first day began with multiple perspectives on design, then drilling down into some particular challenges to thinking about design principles.  Later, design teams showcased their work in an informal setting.

The second morning was spent in working groups , seeking to elicit some design principles from what designers already do, The second afternoon  was  a behind the scenes tour of the Exploratorium, seeing what has been achieved in one of the great interactive science centers, amnd discussing their approach with the staff.

The third day was more convergent, focused on arriving at some common themes within and across the four working group, and how these may inform our thinking about where the field, and this society, are going.