Invitations, Registration & Presentations

Since places are limited, attendance at the conference by non-ISDDE members is by invitation only. However, we would encourage designers, researchers and curriculum leaders who feel affinity with the goals of the society to submit a short (about 150 words) account of how their work relates to the focus of one of the working groups. Invitations will be issued on the basis of these. Please email your submission to Melinda Pearson () with the subject line “Request for ISDDE09 invitation”. We can not promise to consider requests received after the 14th August.

All existing fellows of ISDDE should receive their invitations shortly.


  • When you receive your invitation, you will be sent a link to the automated online registration site.
  • The “early bird” registration fee is AU$550 – this will rise to AU$650 for registrations after 30 June; partners can attend the social events for AU$170. Payment options are by credit card, purchase order, EFT etc.  Payment must be completed within 21 days of initial registration, or the registration will be cancelled.
  • Before visiting the registration site, decide which working group you wish to join and have your 150 word description (see above) ready to paste in to the site. You can re-enter the site at any time to edit these and add proposals for presentations or demonstrations.

Note: please book your own accommodation.


  • Participants wishing to make a presentation in a working group should submit a full proposal (3-8 pages) by 15 July 2009 addressing one of the 4 focus themes as it applies to that working group (for example, designing assessment that promotes inclusion and social justice). Proposals should explicitly identify the selected theme. Proposals that are accepted will be published on the conference website so that they are available for pre-reading and will be discussed in the relevant session of the working group.
  • As part of the submission process, authors will be requested to give written permission to reproduce their full proposal on a publicly-accessible website.
  • Participants are encouraged to submit products for the demonstration sessions. A proposal of approximately 150 words describing the product is required by 15 July 2009.
  • Proposals are submitted by re-entering the registration web-site and uploading the file. This can be done at any time.

Participants are also encouraged to submit papers at any time directly to the refereed journal “Educational Designer” (please read and look at the style and content of existing papers before starting work). This process is separate to making conference proposals.